Courtney is conveniently located on the max line at 6th and SW Main Street, in downtown Portland. The Immigration Court is located three blocks east. Parking is available in the Star Park garage or on the street. Smartpark Garages (pay hourly) are also located at 1st and Jefferson and 4th and Yamhill, either of which are within walking distance of the office.

Directions and Information to the NW Detention Center (NWDC):

Take I-5 North to Tacoma, past the Tacoma Dome exit, take the exit for Portland Ave. Make a Left at the light. Head under I-5 and past several lights, going on an overpass. Look for St. Paul on your Left. Turn Left on St. Paul, cross over railroad tracks, quick left on E.15th and then immediate hard Left on J. Street. Park on the street, the lot is for government employees only, make sure to avoid the yellow tow zones. Detail picture once you get off on Portland Ave.

610 SW Alder St Suite 220, Portland, OR 97205

(503) 505-9713

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