Courtney is originally from Houston, Texas. She graduated from University of Texas, Austin with Honors, magna cum laude and worked at the Capitol in Austin before entering law school at Lewis and Clark Law, in Portland, Oregon. Courtney was a public defender in Clark County for over 4 years before she started her own practice. Her focus as a public defender was on misdemeanor trial work, with extensive experience in Domestic Violence charges, Theft charges, Driving Under the Influence and other misdemeanors. The background in criminal law allows Courtney to effectively represent immigrants charged with crimes, as she can offer practical advice to criminal attorneys during the plea or trial stages, processes with which she has been intimately involved. She specializes in crafting "immigration-safe(r)" pleas to common crimes.

Courtney has successfully represented immigrants charged with Sex Abuse-2 charges in court and encourages immigrants with felonies and other difficult charges to contact her. She has many clients with multiple charges, including multiple DUIs. She fights detained cases as well as cases in the Portland Executive Office of Immigration Review. She appears in Tacoma on behalf of clients multiple times a month.

Helping to keep families together is the goal of her work. She will make every effort to keep your loved one here in the United States with the options currently available for relief.

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